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Terms and Conditions of Use of a Website LTEshare

The Terms of Use will change from time to time, and if such changes are made, the Site will display five notifications for the User to be aware of. User’s continued use of the Website is subject to acceptance of these terms and conditions of use, as amended from time to time for better service and higher quality.

 Introduction and general information

The site LTEshare is the site of collecting news of all kinds in one place and depends on the site LTEshare feeds feeds provided by other sites
We disclaim all responsibility for all news and comments made on the site and its owners bear all procedures, whether the subject matter or comment
Upon entering the site, the user undertakes to comply with these conditions.

 Use the contents of the site
All contents in the site refer to their original reference, which is responsible for them. Please make sure to use the data for each site alone

The site LTEshare does not guarantee the continuity of the work of the site or lack of errors in the system, or mandatory to repair those errors as well as free of the site of viruses, as well as the accuracy and credibility of materials

Terms of use of the comments service
We ask all visitors to the site LTEshare To be polite and objective when publishing comments, and these are some of the conditions that must be taken into account:
– The published comments do not reflect the opinion of our site, but express the opinion of the owners.
– To prevent the exposure of any person, religious or political figure, institution or political or social organization with obscene insults, accusations or harassment.
– The establishment of links to external sites for the purpose of publishing, advertising or links to other pages not related to the subject. If this item is violated, the comment will be deleted from the list.
– Prevent direct or indirect invitation to spread sedition or sectarian or call for the use of violence or killing against any person or entity or entity.
– Prevent repeating the same comment more than once. If this item is violated, duplicate comments will be deleted

Approval of the terms
The above conditions are valid from the moment you enter the Site. In case you disagree with these terms in full, please leave the site without delay.